Gold on Black Grum

Gold on Black Grum

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10% of the profit from this product goes towards supporting mental health organisations.

One of the first designs to be released by Grum Reapur ltd, we are proud to bring you this designer toy as part of a limited series. This is part of The Grum Reapur Series 1: Splatter.

The Grum Reapur is death through an alternative lense, a cute take on one of the darker subjects that haunts humanity.

Once an ordinary man, the Grum Reapur battled with depression, often contemplating the meaning of existence, haunted by an existential dread, being lead to believe there was no meaning to life, driving him ever deeper into the depths of Mount Gloom. This adventure lead him to discover new life in those lost to the world and within them the very meaning he was searching for. 

He found his fellow humans to be full of quite laughable, loveable quirks because Grum himself shared their insecurities, hopes, dreams and fears. "If only we could embrace these feelings" He said "to realise the fragility of life, learning to enjoy each moment we have for the beauty it inspires, the art, poetry and music. That is meaning". With this new outlook he was able to overcome his depression and with it a new sense of duty. "Who am I to deprive others of the stories and creations that could inspire them to defeat their own demons and find meaning?" 

And so the Grum Reapur was born. 

The Grum figurine is a little reminder of this idea when the worries or stresses of this crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, world creep into the mind and try to defeat us. Let the spirit of the Grum Reapur collect the souls of those intrusive thoughts to guide them where they belong, allowing you to be mindful, find focus and meaning of your own.

Each Grum is handcrafted carefully and lovingly made to the highest of standards in the highest quality materials.

This is a collectors item for ages 14 and up.

Please note these are made to order and will ship in 5-10 business days.

This model is:

  • Handcast

  • Handpainted

  • Polyurethane Resin - 110g

  • Packaging measures 9cm x 9cm x 9cm

  • Grum Measure 7cm x 7cm x 6.5cm

  • Handprinted window box

  • Comes with sticker and badge

  • Limited to 15 pieces

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