Zombii Reapur

Zombii Reapur


A percentage of all proceeds go towards supporting suicide prevention and mental health charities in the UK.

The melted style of Grum Reapur was highly experimental, I wanted to see what would happen if I mixed heat with layers and layers of paint. I was absolutely delighted to get the effects that you see in the pictures. As I would aply both fire and heat from a heat gun the layers of paint would bubble and the colours underneath the top layer would bubble through. Repeating this process with several layers of paint created a texture that I think is absolutely amazing, but most of all they are extremely fun to make, allowing the chaos to create designs outside of my own control.

With the Zombii Reapur I mixed up a blood red and moldy looking green to create the texture and then went in with my blood stain ink to add some extra flare to the deeper bubbles, creating a gory looking Grum unlike anything I have made before.

Each Grum is handcrafted carefully and lovingly made to the highest of standards in the highest quality materials.

This is a collectors item for ages 14 and up.

Please note these are made to order and will ship in 5-10 business days.

This model is:

  • Handcast by Grum Reapur

  • Handpainted by Grum Reapur

  • Signed by Grum Reapur

  • Polyurethane Resin - 110g

  • Grums Measure 7cm x 7cm x 6.5cm

  • Comes with sticker and badge (subject to availability)

  • Limited to 30 pieces

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