Norman Reapur

Norman Reapur


Halloween is here and the celebrations for us weirdos begin. To celebrate this awesome time of year I am launching a few inspired by the movies that got me into horror.

You'll be hearing the staccato of violins stabbing through the air with this little dude. I put this up for my followers to suggest names and was immediately taken by 'Norman' and it just kinda stuck. There were so many great suggestions it was hard to not use all of them and name them individually.

Each Grum is handcrafted carefully and lovingly made to the highest of standards in the highest quality materials, but no Grum is perfect, just like us.

This is a collectors item for ages 14 and up.

Please note these are made to order and will ship in 5-10 business days.

This model is:

  • Handcast

  • Handpainted

  • Polyurethane Resin - 110g

  • Grum Measure 7cm x 7cm x 6.5cm

  • Comes with sticker and badge (subject to availability)

  • Limited to 30 pieces

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