Grum Loves the Big City

Grum Loves the Big City


The Grum Reapur is not all about doom and gloom, sometimes he comes to the city for a big party underneath the vibrant lights and sounds of music, watching the hustle and bustle of the people, some of whom will not last the night. Grum will be there all dressed up in his funky disco colours taking them to the afterlife. 

This is one of the first casts of the Grum Reapur in polyurethane resin, it is the first one to be fully realised, painted and set for release from the underworld. Naturally with resin there are blemishes and marks that make each creation unique without the addition of paint or decoration. Grum in the big city was painted with fluorescent colours so will glow when placed under a black light.

All Grum Reapurs come hand signed by the artist.

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