Keith Reapur (Keith Flint Tribute)

Keith Reapur (Keith Flint Tribute)


After the tragic news of Keith Flints suicide last week I was absolutely distraught and thought I would pay tribute to the great man by making a Grum in his honour. Featuring his iconic double mohawk, nosering and the sweater he wore for the 'Firestarter' video I think this truly captures the essence of the man himself, I'm just devestated that he will never get to see it himself. After all he was a huge influence throughout the years, giving me the idea that you don't have to fit in in order to have an impact, he was a punk in a band that wasn't traditionally punk, thus making a name for themselves throughout the years for their unique sound. On mnay occassions I would have legs of jelly hearing their traks blasted through PA systems in nightclubs and bars alike.

As a way of giving back I have decided to put a massive chunk of sales from this model to a suicide prevention charity in the UK. All models are handcast and handpainted by myself, as such this is a pre-order style launch with 48 hours to get your hands on it (I say 48 hours, but the listing will be marked as sold out at midnight on Sunday the 17th so 51 hours, but that doesn't have the same ring to it).

As with all my Grum Reapurs the idea is that the Grum Reapur is the antithesis to the Grim Reaper. Rather than coming to take your life he comes to save it if you want to take your own. I want it to become a symbol of hope for those facing their own battles and use it as a platform to talk openly about the things I went through (and sometimes still have to face) when I was in my late teens/early twenties. I want to show that there is hope beyond the darkness.

The Keith Reapur is:

  • Limited time launch (thus limited edition)

  • Handmade

  • Handpainted

  • Signed by myself

  • 110g Polyurethane Resin

  • Comes with stickers and badges (subject to availability)

  • Supports Suicide Prevention Causes in the UK

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