Mens Grum Reapur Splatter T-shirt

Mens Grum Reapur Splatter T-shirt

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Welcome fellow ghouls, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Grum Reapur except I do not reap souls, I save them.

10% of the profit from this product goes towards supporting mental health organisations.

When I see you on the brinks of despair, desperation and gloom, ready to meet my evil brother, the Grim Reaper, I step in ready to introduce you to a new world, a new perspective to take forward on your journey through this crazy life. I want to intercept the downward spiral and turn the crank the opposite way.

If you feel you are lost or broken you are ready to transform yourself into a new being, through hard work and determination you can beat the thoughts that have so far plagued you. I know, I have been through the swamps of depression, despair and suffering only to come out the other side revitalised and hungry for life.

 I hope to be the symbol of hope for those going through the same battle, to be open about how you feel and if someone doesn't want to listen you look them right in the eye and say 'F*CK YOU!'. It takes great courage to be able to open up about how you feel and if they don't want to listen, they're an asshole. There is always someone willing to listen and those are the people who you should associate with so leave those brick walls behind.

 This symbol was born from the struggle and everything behind the Grum Reapur is about making this world open for those who want to talk about their emotions in the knowledge they will be greeted with compassion and empathy. This is the sole drive behind my very existence, taking my symbol into the world should empower those who see it, to wear as a proud badge of honour for beating the demons head on.

The splatter effect on this t-shirt may just look cool, but behind it is the idea that the damage we bare from the war with ourselves is part of who we are, lift your fist and wear your wounds with pride. It is often the greatest of mankind that is carved through trials and tribulations and you are no exception.

T-shirt details:

  • 100% ring-spun cotton

  • Fabric weight: 4.5 oz (153 g/m2)

  • Tear-away label

  • Pre-shrunk

  • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping

  • Quarter-turned to avoid crease down the center

  • Worldwide shipping time is between 5-7 business days. Orders from the US are produced in the US whilst EU orders are produced within the EU.

  • (other colours available on request, use the contact form under the about me section to send a colour request)

If you feel like you are unable to speak to others at this moment in time checkout any of the books listed at the bottom of our website. These proved invaluable in my personal development and lead to the courage to speak openly about any issues I may face, which later became invaluable whilst going through therapy.

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