Unisex Grum Reapur Face Sweatshirt

Unisex Grum Reapur Face Sweatshirt


Good ol' fashioned sweatshirts with the face of the Grum Reapur.

Whenever people see the Grum Reapur I want them to know that they are speaking to someone who will only have open ears and listen with empathy and compassion. That is the world I want to see and this is my way of trying to be part of that change.

In time I hope the Grum Reapur will become the symbol of openness and defiance. In a world that tells us to be ashamed of our emotions showing them is the greatest act of rebellion we can do.

So join me in being RAW, be open, share how you feel, scream it and most of all NEVER be ashamed that you are capable of feeling something, when the alternative is to be cold and numb.

Sweatshirts available in Black and White (other colours on request, use the contact form under the about me section to send a colour request)

Sizes: S-4XL

I donate 10% of proceeds to suicide prevention causes.

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