Let's 'have it'

I am a punk at heart, true punk aswell, where it is more about your ideology than the clothes you wear or music you listen to. 


For a long time my 'fuck you' attitude was shamed by people that were doing nothing to change the world around them. I was 'fuck you' because I saw things dreadfully wrong with the world. If a society could allow someone to suffer, anyone then there is something wrong with that society. There are children born into households everyday where the familial traditions will result in non beneficial environments, where a child is far more likely to grow up to become antisocial than to engage with the community. 

My 'fuck you' was against these societal and family structures that perpetuate the suffering, the sort of unwritten rules that say you should or shouldn't say something a certain way, should or shouldn't like certain pastimes, hide your emotions, earn money to define yourself as a success etc. 

Slowly but surely these rules are slipping away and the chaos of society is actually revealed, without the rose tinted balaclava of ignorance/naivety to make us feel better. Some people want the comfort afforded by the rose tinted balaclava because they don't want to feel any discomfort. It's the reason they go to jobs they hate, lie about how they feel and give up on their dreams, because the comfort afforded by a nice house, nice car and all the bells and whistles that define traditional 'success' are much better than the discomfort they'd have to face otherwise. 

The discomfort you and I feel everyday. What I want to say is, you're going to feel uncomfortable anyway, so why hide it? If you feel like crying, fucking cry, if anyone tries to shame you for it pull them up on it. Ask them if they themselves have ever felt like this, odds are they'll say 'no' which is a lie as to feel is to be human. The reason they say no is because they are cowards, so scared of what others will think of them that they hide their true self in order to feel that comfort. Which means the comfort is an illusion, their shame tactics reveal nothing but their own inadequacies and it is up to us to expose this reality. After all convincing ourselves that something is/isn't true against all evidence is a delusion and that means these people are part of our drive. They just don't realise it yet. 

So next time someone tries to make you feel small, realise it's because they're so afraid of being seen as small themselves that they have to project that onto you to feel big, the irony being that it take some strength to show your emotions and a weak person to shame them.