Back from holiday

Having been busy as hell with the Grum Reapur I took a well deserved holiday (that and the fact I've not had one in yeeeeears) with a couple of close friends and my partner. I was almost in a state of withdrawal as the place where we stayed had absolutely no wifi, an absolute drag for productivity. 

Ideas for the Grum have not stopped flowing and the story for the comic is expanding all the time. What started out as a way to take my mind away from the darkness has developed into the very purpose and goal in my life. I just want to save people from the same things that haunted me. Knowing it can be done with the right guidance, therapy and support is just giving me so much drive.  

I met with the guys and gals from Dynamite Gallery today and I am SO excited about putting some workshops together to pass on all I have learnt both creatively and philosophically. Personally I find creative techniques can be applied to the way we think in order to recreate the vision of ourselves and begin working towards that creation. 

I have been speaking with SO many artists in the local area of Brighton, offering them tips and advice on getting their own work out there. I really hope to be part of the change where we go for co-operation rather than competition.  

This is just a little update to let you know I have not been up to nothing. My lack of working this past week has got my fires burning even more.  

Here's to getting back to the grind and all that entails.  


Brad RumbleComment