Toycon 2018

What an event, our first time attending Toycon and boy was we excited. We got to meet some of the great artists working in the industry yesterday, shop owner and fans, sad that we are unable to attend again today. As soon as we arrived we bumped into STKLBK and the guys from Toybunker, spent a good while talking to those guys before going inside.

And then we were in…

Walking around we truly felt on cloud 9, most surprising was the amount of people who knew who we were and wanted to talk about the toy, talk idea’s, collaboration and expansion. It was great hearing how passionate people were about both the toy and the idea behind it. We haven’t really delved into the idea behind the Grum on our social media channels as we weren’t sure how people would respond to sharing our vulnerability. After yesterday it appears people really want to hear what the Grum Reapur is all about. We are working on presenting this in just the right way, which we think is a comic book series.

By the end of the day we were quite overwhelmed with all the ideas and couldn’t stay for the afterparty which we will definitely be doing for next year as we will be getting ourselves a stall alongside some of the artist we met yesterday. You will start to see more being listed on the website now as we were working with Dynamite Gallery to create a custom piece for their gallery and toycon 2018. Those customs will be listed on the website Friday 8th April and will be limited to 30 editions each with a few custom colourways, so keep your eyes peeled for those. As you can imagine we are very excited to have our work feature in a gallery and shop as well as having them at Toycon, so many thanks to the Dynamite team, please go give them a follow as they will be representing the art scene fiercely in the UK and Brighton in particular.

We stopped to have a long conversation with Atomic Toys and they are such incredibly passionate guys, we were discussing the possibility of collaborating together to create an upgraded version of the Grum Reapur which has us even more excited, giving us a whole new direction to go in.


Of course we bumped into Matt Jones (Lunartik) which totally made us fan girl a little bit, this is the man responsible for helping making this dream a reality, we can’t help but get a little deep so ended up fangirling a little bit whilst probably being a bit too intense.

There was a lot more discussed and SO MANY more people met than we are able to list in a single blog, so we’ll leave it at that for now. Special thanks to everyone who went, to those who have bought a Grum Reapur and all the exhibitors who are making this scene what it is, you all deserve major props.