Shaking it up

When we started the Grum Reapur as a brand we were hoping to inspire mindfulness within people who may be going through a hard time with depression, social anxiety or other mental health problems. Through our personal experience we were able to decipher that there was something wrong with a society that mistreated the ill and disabled, or at least failed to take the time to understand people that would allow them to lead independent lives. 

We have honed our vision after speaking to a few people at our first ever stall at the Dark Arts Fayre in London. We opened up about our own struggles with depression, self-harm and suicide attempts and we were shocked at how many people had been through something similar themselves or had a close friend who had experienced these difficulties. There were people outside of our usual scope that were talking to us about how they'd overcome their issues and their positive feedback about our mission has helped us hone it further. 

Off the back of the Dark Arts Fayre we have decided to shake up our business model to make the Reapurs more accessible AND give back to causes we believe in. Our vision of the future is one where we use our creative skills and story behind the Grum Reapur to help in any way we can. As the business grows we are getting more people on board who share our vision to change the way we see this crazy world for the better. 

We know the depths of thought that can come as a result of suffering, but we also know it is possible to overcome these issues with access to the right support and tools to handle this modern world. From mindfulness to stoic philosophy and in depth techniques such as biohacking we aim to intercept the downward spiral and turn it on itself. 

In the next few weeks we will be undergoing some training around supporting people going through these experiences, feeling that we are in a key position of empathy, compassion and understanding to help those in need who may feel other methods are not useful to them. There are those who are left behind by the system and we want to help ANYONE suffering. 

Our prices and variants will be changing in the coming days to reflect this move to a more conscientious product.