Exciting times and plans for the future

Last week we were ankle deep in snow, braving the cold weather to paint the new designs to complete the Splatter series of the Grum Reapur. Originally we planned on releasing them 2-4 designs a week, but we got so carried away with our selection of spray paints that we ended up making them all and releasing on the same weekend. We still may add two or three colour modes to the collection, but you will have to wait and see. 

We have sent out a few blank and mutant Grums to custom toy artists to let them have their way with us, both Jaykblu and Heath Duntz will be getting their packages soon and we are very excited to see what ideas they have in mind. 

The list of designs, customisations, products, new series etc is constantly growing and we thank you for all the support in the mean time. As you may know we take this whole DIY ideology to it's fullest potential, trying to make as many of our products in house as we can, so making things is our top priority. Utilising the power of the collective of human knowledge that is the internet we are always looking at ways to improve our techniques and bring the cost of the Grum Reapurs down to make them more accessible for everyone. We hope you can appreciate that a lot of hard work, time and effort goes into making this dream a reality and so many of you have been sending us private messages of support, adoration and delight, we must say it is incredibly inspiring to get these messages and drives us toward our goal of total world domination...

As we move forward we have conventions, toy fairs, markets and shops to get involved with and we look forward to meeting some of you on the way. Our next event is the The Dark Arts Fayre, 22nd April, 12-6, Nightclub Kolis, 1 Archway Rd, N19 3TD London, United Kingdom.

Looking back to the beginning of the year we had no idea this would take off like it has, gaining fans and customers from all across the globe, getting to speak to some heavyweight designers, drawing inspiration from all the incredible artists that are involved in this scene that continue to push the boundaries of what it means to be a toy maker. So here's looking forward to the future, all it will bring and the challenges that we will face along the way.