Lost in time...

It seems as though every post is about how busy we have been, but that's because it has been non stop since launch day, making new products, making custom pieces, arranging stock placements within galleries and shops across the globe. We never thought it would take off the way it has, with people sending us fan art, wishing us well, telling us we have inspired them, teaching workshops and classes and so much more. 

All this has lead to a bit of a slowing in pace for our social media presence, but we are seeking to rectify that and are currently in search of a social media manager to get a steady flow of updates for everyone, including that growing email list. With so much in the pipeline it's unclear whether this will ever slow down, we certainly hope not because we want to expand and offer new people opportunities to come on board. 

This Monday we will be meeting with some screen printers to bring about a quality t-shirt idea that will get our work onto torsos everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled because the time frame for these to come of fruition will hopefully not be long at all.