What a week we have had

Our launch night started with a little hiccup as the cart was not activated on our side, but after correcting the issue whoa! What a result. We awoke to orders from across the globe and got to completing them straight away. As an extra thank you to some of our first customers who have ordered over £100 worth of Grums there will be an extra little something in your packages.

This week has been so full speed ahead we got distracted from our social media posts so nobody knew what was happening. We have been making up the orders we have received as well as making new colour styles for release over the next few weeks. 

We also have collaborations with other artists in the works, artists who are really at the top of their game who have been inspiration leading up to the full commercial version of the Grum Reapur.  

We have only just begun with all the things we have in mind for you, from clothing to comics and of course new Grum series.  

Heres to week one being a HUGE success and we look forward to bringing you along on the adventure.