The Philosophy of The Grum Reapur: Part 3

BPD is a hideous condition that really messes with the head of the individual; it leads to black and white thinking (polarisation), emotional instability, interpersonal relationship problems, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm and suicidal tendencies. It’s as though your emotions are on a wheel of fortune and anything can trigger the worst or best response.

“For me I used to self-harm and drink A LOT of alcohol, the alcohol was definitely responsible for the depression, it was only after giving up that I stopped running away or numbing the pain I felt. To this day I don’t know how many people I have recommended stop their regular drinking, whether they take that or not is up to them, but those who have taken the advice have always been sure to thank me once they are sober. Having equipped myself with the tools to overcome the emotional pain that lead to me wanting to numb it all the time I was able to pass this on to others in hopes to inspire their own stories”

These tools are cognitive skills that anybody can learn in order to overcome those moments of emotional and cognitive difficulty and are readily available all over the internet.

So how does this all apply to the Grum Reapur? The Grum Reapur was a toy based on a sketch by Brad at the beginning of his journey to a better mind-set several years ago. At the time of creation his emotional difficulties were extremely hard to face and he spent a lot of time drawing, painting, sculpting, spraypainting, dancing around the living room and learning anything he could that would lead to the person he wanted to be. This is what you see before you.

“The Grum Reapur is the end result of years of heavy introspection, sleepless nights, countless books, lectures and articles, years of battling with the demons and keeping them at bay, the most difficult struggle is the fear of putting myself out there, I get emotional thinking about doing this article, I am baring my soul for the world to see, will they think less of me for sharing my story? It’s not important, those are the opinions I hold in my head and no matter how terrifying that may be I’ve still got to do it.”

The character of the Grum Reapur will appear in comics later on this year as well as mini web comics for our fans that really tell the story of this struggle, all the moments the wash of absurd thoughts come crashing over him. It will be a way of tackling toxic behaviour in modern society through the scope of satire, comedy and encouraging deep introspection.

The tagline ‘Death has never looked so cute’ is meant to provoke a cognitive dissonance and conversation about the ideology behind death. We fear it, ever looming over us, that today we could die and not get to experience the life we wished we had. If you start living the life you want to lead now, if you let all worries about things out of your control slip away and throw focus then you need not fear death. The Grum is a reminder to live today to its fullest, follow your dream, speak from your heart with honesty, talk to the girl, talk to the guy, embrace every emotion as though you would never feel it again and start now, in this moment, the things that will make you the person you want to be.

“As I have shared my story, I hope others will share theirs, realising we are not alone in how we feel, we want to be heard, appreciated and loved, if that is not within your immediate vicinity know that it will come so don’t be too hard on yourself. My story is not easy to tell, my scars are there to be seen, having fought back from the precipice of an endless chasm I hope to give you the weapons that allow you to do the same and I look forward to sharing more with you on my journey with the Grum Reapur”

If you are struggling with any issues like Brad has faced please feel free to send us a message through our ‘About’ page and we will do all in our power to give you the right guidance.

Thank you for reading the story behind the philosophy of the Grum Reapur.


Brad Rumble