Grum Reapur Fridge Magnet

Grum Reapur Fridge Magnet


When one of my molds fell over it ended up leaking resin absolutely everywhere, but in that mistake it created an idea for a fridge magnet. It cured only the front of the Reapur and so inspired was I that I made my own little magnet out of it..

Let him sit upon the fridge and watch over you throughout your cooking, tea making or meal preparation, unless you do other things in the kitchen in which case you have certainly got my interest.

On the back of the magnet is several magnetic discs to secure it to your fridge or other metal surface.

Each one is hand painted, with the face being made out of a white base resin. A perfect little addition to any Grums you may be interested in getting or a nice little stocking filler.

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