Grum Reapur Head Keyring Blind Bag (For Mental Health Awareness)

Grum Reapur Head Keyring Blind Bag (For Mental Health Awareness)



The Grum Reapur comes to people in their time of need, when there is suffering, despair or self destructive behaviour. The Grum reapur has one simple rule, don't let people suffer the way he did.

I live by the code of the Grum Reapur, if I see someone suffering, in despair or facing harship I have to talk to them. Having overcome my own depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts I want to show people it is not the end of the line and that you can go on to live a fulfilling life, but the struggle MUST be endured.

I made these keyrings as a form of artistic therapy, so they contain parts of my soul that may have otherwise been lost to the darkness and the monsters that came with it.

I hope you will wear these items with pride as it serves as a reminder that self destruction is NOT an option and that it is our human duty to be compassionate towards those who are headed down the wrong path.

I hope you will join the Grum army and follow his code and maybe, together, we can save people from the very demons that plague our minds.

I donate 15% of proceeds from these keyrings toward suicide prevention causes.


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